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Update August 2010

August 23rd, 2010 No comments

I have come back from a busy two weeks of selling photographs ( and visiting relatives, and I am thoroughly exhausted! And I am happy to say, that I didn’t think about PhD stuff once, which hopefully means, my brain has been processing data in the background. This said, I have forgotten where I was before I left, so I am hoping that all that background processing will mean I have already solved the problems, when I re-discover them.
My plan for the next week or so, it to get back up to speed by re-reading my notes, and starting to test out my/our hypothesis, starting with the suggestions that Davide made in the last meeting.

Paddy has left for Tazmania, and unfortunately, we were unable to meet to talk about funding before he left. This means that I am at a loss as to how to proceed. I have retrospectively applied for half fees, with the knowledge that IRCSET will allow me to carry on using unused funds for my stipend. The only worry I have, is that there will not be enough to cover fees. I may try to apply for 6 month fees, rather than a full 12.Paddy did originally say that he could at least find some money to cover fees.

I have also applied for the CSI research bursary, but I am hoping that Paddy will be able to find extra funding (he previously suggested that he had some LERO grant money left, and an associated project).

I have received an email from IRCSET with regards to Paddy leaving, I am still waiting for advice from Paddy as to how I proceed.

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