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Discussion with Graham W

October 26th, 2009 No comments

Had a discussion with GW about other things to test within datasets, for example, what use is it to simulate message passing between users who do not know each other, and if we had some knowledge about this data, can we find a more efficient way to route messages. This led us to talk about:

  • how many nodes can you get to within x hops in a network?
    • how many paths between friends need to use strangers and vice versa – can be used rto define privacy rules too 🙂
    • see miklas paper about defining friends and strangers
    • The point being that you may never need to send a message to any body else

Graham showed me how to run the simulator he wrote, and we talked about writing a paper together for an upcoming conference – but decided the deadline was too soon, and that we didn’t have any new results to put into it.