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Meeting with Lorcan 22 Jan 2009

January 22nd, 2009 No comments

Met with Lorcan to talk about how i’m getting on with my PhD. I explained that I was a little unsure about the direction of my PhD.

I also told him about the papers I am writing – the first, a paper about Basadaeir for Pervasive LBR, deadline 27th Jan. I explained that the user study will be for developers to test out the API and comment on it, and the concept of the system.

The second paper, with ross is to do with pervasive advertising, and using Basadaeir as the context server for advertisments. Deadline 10th Feb.

Lorcan suggested that whilst it is a good idea to get something published about Basadaeir, I should not put too much effort into it, unless it will help my PhD out.

He suggested that I take a look at a few survery papers in my area, pick out the challenges, and write them down, then, from this list pick one or two, and write briefly how they might be solved, and come back to him.