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Supervisor meeting 20 Aug 2008

August 20th, 2008 No comments

Part 1 – Wearables

Assumptions – Paddys Notes

Met with Paddy to talk about Wearable computing Assumptions.

Discussed the short-list that I had come up with: Assumptions about Wearable Computing

Paddy gave his thoughts about what I had come up with – and we came to the following main assumptions that we will look at and question their validity:

  • Communication bandwidth is an issue
    • What data do we really send? – Sensors/Video/Other
    • 3G is quick
  • Wearables are individual
    • Data is private, Infrastructure is community
  • We need to optimize for power
    • What if we don’t – usage patterns
  • Processing power is minimal
    • Not any more – processing power is good – PDA -iPhone etc.
  • One managing node
    • Emergence
    • pure p2p
    • individually addressable(ipv6?)



Rethink the systems/paradigms/stuff that I have read/seen/tested and see what would happen if we took out these assumptions.

Suggest that these things are not really true anymore, and that they can be considered to be a myth.

Write up an internal paper/report (3 pages) that suggests this, and  covers the reasons why, and see what people think. – Debunking the Wearable Myth

Part 2 – Basadaeir

I suggested to Paddy that  we should do something with Basadaeir, and that it is one of the missing parts of the construct project, the profiled/static/persistent entity that contributes to the pervasive environment. He agreed that we should develop it, and was planning to require that all new people register with it.

He also suggested a case/research study for it, building collaboration not just through keywords, but also by matching presence of other people at the same time – e.g. when people are often in the same place at the same time, they may be connected somehow.



Get the system robust and working – so that people can sign up and start using it –

  • CRUD for profiles
  • Efficient processing of data
  • API for external applications
  • Internalised third part applications (like fbook) – so that others can solicit more information about topics – e.g. research keywords.


Will tell people that this system will be available, and will expect that at some point Matt will have it working – no particular timescale.

Distracting Things

August 13th, 2008 No comments

I get very easily distracted with ongoing projects that perhaps I should not be thinking about. To identify and remove any distractions, I listed them out as follows:

  • Basadaeir (Website Tweaks)
  • Bluetooth Spotter
  •, Photos)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • (Tweaking, Blogging)
  • Music
  • Olympic Games
  • Beer Drinking
  • Coffee Breaks
  • IM
  • Cleaning Desk
  • Getting Drinks
  • MAC Mini setup
  • Online Banking
  • Watching Movies/TV
  • Worrying about direction of research
  • RSS Feeds
  • Email!!!!!
  • Googe Analytics
  • Google Adsense

Most of which are distracting whilst at uni (when I should be concentrating) – so – now I have identified the things that distract me, I should be able to avoid them more easily.