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18 September Meeting

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18 September Meeting

ACM Digital Libratry
Search for research title and other keywords – / autonomics/adaptive/reconfigure etc
Also review papers.
Look into bibdesk
Q’s for paddy
• Student number/ 2nd supr
Simon is 2nd
Modules check:
(Should be doing MSC ones not UG)
Machine learning s2
Dist Systems S2
Natural Comp. S1
Data Mining S1
• Reading
Read about construct and get papers from Steve and Lorcan etc etc.
Paddy will give 2-3 papers, read those then find references etc etc.
*** Read the Abstract, introduction then conclusion to see if paper is worth reading
CREATE a WIKI or similar to keep paddy informed of status/reading/what produced
So he can make sure on the right track, and keep up to date
Observe questions that are being asked, distill them, summarise them
To create a classification Taxonomy to see what has been done and where
there are gaps!
• Goals and timeline:
Learn Construct and contribute to SRG community with mini-project 1 – Month
Create website for SRG members – collab. With joe – 1 month
Lit Review – 3 months
After 2-3 months start a meaty programming project that asks/solves questions in area
of interest,
• Conferences
• Submission Format
After 1 year create transfer report + research plan which will be discussed by panel to
see if to continue
2nd Supr is Simon

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