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Supervisor Meeting 10 Nov 2009 (O’Sheas)

November 10th, 2009 No comments

Had a meeting with Paddy in O’Sheas.
The main outcome was that I need to come up with some refined research questions, in the next two and a half weeks, that really define what I will do for my PhD, they should be structured in a way that must really get to the point about what people have done so far, what we will do, and how we think this will make some difference. It must be clear what our work compares to and what metrics it can be measured agains. At the lower level, we have to show how these questions lead us to the experiments we want to perform, and how these experiments will help us prove our point. At the highest level, we need to step back and look at the big picture, and see what it is that our work contributes to .

Practically, I will start a google wave as part of the workup of these ideas, which I will share with Paddy, the protocol being that when one of us makes a change, we will email the other.

When Paddy is back, we will get together to go over what we have come up with, and then later in the week I will present a few pages of my ideas to GW, DC and others, to get their input on the direction of the research.

Paddy also said that funding wise, his plan is as follows: He will guarantee that fees will be paid when IRCSET runs out, and if I cannot get an extension, he will make sure that I can get funding from somewhere if he can. The overall plan being that I have another 14 months of funding, meaning that I should spend the next 8 months working on PhD experiments and ideas etc. Then the final 6 months writing up.

Paddy also asked if I wanted to become a part of Clarity,  in the sense that I would get access to their data, and they would be able to tick a box for extra people in Clarity seperately funded by IRCSET.  I did not make a decision, but it sounded like a good idea.

Paddy also asked if I would cover a lecture this week on P2P for Distributed Systems, and when I asked if I would get Leturers pay for it, he said he couldn’t pay me, but he would buy a small piece of technology for me.

I also asked about the possibility of getting  a new laptop, and he said that should be ok, and I spec one up that is not too expensive, but is still future proof . (IBM-Lenovo/Dell/Apple/)

As a suggestion towards good time management, Paddy suggested I make sure I am working on PhD stuff 4 days a week, and spend only 1 day working on related projects.

Sensor PSO

November 21st, 2007 No comments

I have finished a paper on Sensor PSO, which is for one of my structured PhD Modules: Natural Computing. Details can be found here attached is the PDF version.

Optimum Coverage of the Autonomous Sensor Swarm