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WWIC2012 – Santorini, Greece

June 12th, 2012 1 comment

The conference went well, and I managed to speak to a few interesting people. Eiko Yoneki (Author of the BubbleRAP paper) was there, and we had a brief chat, she was interested in our work. She would be a perfect candidate for an external examiner, as her work is very similar, and she is an expert in the field. Plus she’s not far away – Cambridge University.

The presentation seemed to go well, there were plenty of people in the room, it was well received and I got a few questions. It was definitely a good place to submit this work. The session chair in my session was Scott Burleigh, from NASA, who was one of the authors of RFC5050 – a DTN Specification, and he seemed to be quite important in the field.

There were a number of talks about much lower level stuff, but all very interesting. I think I need to read up a bit on the DTN Bundle Specification and the DTN Routing Specification (based on PRoPHET I think), and include a small section on these in the thesis background.

I was also chatting to Bodgan Ghita from Plymouth University, who suggested that I could apply for a research/developer position in DTN security, but he needs someone to start in July. I don’t think I’ll be done by then – plus I’m not sure it’s my kind of thing.

Another interesting guy was Jeorg Ott – who gave a keynote(?) talk which did some nice review of the general DTN area, “DTN – is it for humans?” In which he basically answered yes, but there needs to be thought about the real-world applications of DTN based systems.
He gave an interesting simulation scenario that he had done, a market trader auction system, where the vendor advertises the prices of items, and local users bid/barter the prices, expanding the traders rearch. His idea worked in the same way as the cogs idea I wrote about while back – The main emphasis was determining how far the data needed to travel from the physical location, i.e. in what location context should it exist, and when no-one is there, the data is deleted/lost – as it no longer has context.

Very few of the talks included real-world datasets, and it seemed to be acceptable to use synthetic datasets. However, there were no papers that were very similar to our work.

Also, Santorini was pretty awesome 🙂 definitely a place for couples/families though!