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Met with Pádraig to talk about next steps, discussed the results so far with the four clustering algorithms. The next steps are:


  • Stop using the simulation data for community finding.

Posit: all historic data is available and there is a process that is informing community finding, this data is then being used for routing test period.

  • Tune GCE so it finds more than 1 community
  • (Determine what happens in Bubble-Degree when rank is equal – does it keep or pass) it keeps it – rank must be higher
  • Use weighted edges for GCE – Weight based on:
    • Connected time
    • Number of connections
    • Or, threshold as in BubbleRAP
  • Use threshold to remove edges for MOSES

If we find that we get improvements based on the community finding algorithm, the next step would be to synthesise some new datasets. Alternative datasets include Cabspotting, Rollernet, Social Sensing.

We could then map out an analysis: message routing that is informed by overlapping community finding, and interesting ways of caculating those communities as time goes by. Towards a paper: ad-hoc message routing based on overlapping communities.

It might also be useful to explore the difference in utility of Overlapping vs Partitioning community finding algorithms.

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