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Meeting with Pádraig 3 Feb 2011

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Discussed results so far – I feel that the dataset does not include enough data to give reliable information about location. We discussed other datasets, perhaps using cabspotting and geolife.

Padriag re-iterated his skepticism about using location; that all the information needed is in contact information, and therefore location data is redundant. we suggested the idea of testing LBR on the cabspotting dataset, over short periods of time, because cabs are highly mobile, they come into contact with each other more often.

Pádraig suggested that we could start looking more at communities, and continuing on from Bubble RAP, so we could then use synthetic networks. It would mean a bit of a change of track however.

I said I would try to get Bubble Rap running in the simulator, then try to run it using MOSES or GCE to determine the communities, rather than the default method. GCE has a heirarchical clustering mechanism, which would suit Bubble Rap.

I also said I would try to use the Social Sensing data to see how it performs.

Pádraig suggested again that we could follow on from what Pan Hui did, and testing highly overlapping communities, and use some of the groups community finding algorithms. This would fit better with the groups work, and therefore would be a bit easier to link in.

With Bubble added the results for MIT-OCT are show below – note that the communities used for this run, were pre-generated by Graham.  I haven’t yet  found out how he generated them.

Results with Bubble included

Results with Bubble included

Bubble routing seems to calculate Communities using k-clique clustering and weighted network analysis.

Last minute update: I generated data for use in the simulator based on MOSES communities (based on contacts between nodes). Instead of using Hui Betweenness for ranking, I simple used the number of communties a node is a member of, as the rank value, just for initial testing (of script output).  It yielded a better result than regular Bubble, with the caveat that the bubble communities are based on a start date 1 week into the period, and I need to double check that the MOSES one also does this.


Regular Bubble routing vs Bubble MOSES Communities with Community Rank

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