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Meeting with Paddy 20 Nov 2008

November 20th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Brief meeting with paddy.

We both like the idea of the City wide sensing idea using mobile devices. I mentioned that Jo K had thought the whole routing thing had been done, but paddy suggested that there is different view on similar problems that still yield interesting research topics.

We discussed simulations, and I mentioned the idea of using some datasets from Dublin traffic, and maybe even the wireless access point data from UCD campus to simulate social networks.

Paddy mentioned an IBM city simulator that has since disappeared, but will see if he can find out more about it (I will too).

Going forward, I should have a project to get my teeth into, that has some proper research outcomes, which should be a shot term project – 3 months.

I will arrange a meeting with myself, Paddy, Aaron and Simon for sometime very soon to come up with ideas.

I should probably come up with some suggestions to work with, for what the project could be. *thinking cap on*

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