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My RSS Talk next week (18 Nov 2008)

November 12th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

My RSS talk is on Tuesday – as i’m struggling to get my head around a thesis topic – I have decided to do my talk on Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) and intend to use the first paper I can find on it (which has been cited as the seminal paper on it – Li and Rus – Sending Messages to mobile users in disconnected ad-hoc networks – MobiCom ’00: Proceedings of the 6th annual international conference on Mobile computing and networking), the first paper on Epidemic routing (Amin Vahdat and David Becker, Epidemic routing for partially-connected ad hoc networks – Tech Report – 2000), and the most recent paper by Cecilia Mascolo -(CAR: Context-aware Adaptive Routing for Delay Tolerant Mobile Networks – IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 2008)

I think this fits in with the idea we had a while ago – but we still need to talk about the whole thing – from my recent reading there is a lot of interesting stuff on DTN and it seems to be a relatively new field.

A survey paper of the area I read recently suggested a few areas of research, one of which I am particularly interested in – how to create context profiles for users in a system to improve routing accuracy – specifically – profile a users movement habits – routes, places and regular encounters.

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