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Kick off Meeting with Padraig and Davide 21 Sep 2010

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Had a first meeting with Padraig, where I presented a few slides (Presentation to Padraig Sep 2010) about my area of interest and how I got to it etc.

Padraig initially suggested that location is not important, but later decided that in fact, it is useful when the network structure is not fully known.

He suggested that I take a baseline scenario, using a reliable dataset (Social Sensing), and use is as a straw man to test further refinements on.E.g. Take the degree approach (Graham & Davide), train it over 1 month, then have a test period, where 50 messages are sent across the network. At the same time have a firm idea about the next stage refinements, i.e. using location to improve routing. (i.e. use a location based routing algorithm). This will then drive the next round of improvements.

He also suggested that the application of the idea is not so important, and whilst I will deal with that in the thesis, it will not figure greatly.

He also talked about community finding in the network, and how we could use that for routing.

I agreed to send on Graham’s paper, and perhaps the BUBBLERap paper.

We will meet again next week.

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