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Quick meeting with Paddy 1st Apr 2010

Met with Paddy,

Talked about the possibility of needing to get a new supervisor, and Paddy said that IF he does leave to Tazmania, then we will have to think about who could be the best person for the job. We thought that if I do finish up at Christmas 2010, then perhaps I won’t need a new supervisor, as we might be able to sort it out remotely. But we will both think about this.

Also discussed possible funding sources from August onwards, he said that he should be able to fund me for 3 to 6 months using some Lero grant money, but this would have some associated responsibilities. I asked whether I should try to apply to IRCSET for an extension, and said that yes I should, but for the time-being, I should just look into what the formal process is to do that. Also he suggested that come June, I should apply to the school for a demonstratorship, and that he is trying to build a pool of Lero money to top-up stipends to the current level (as the school one is less than the IRCSET one).

Finally discussed research, I said that I didn’t really have alot to talk about, so Paddy suggested that in a week’s time, I present a pitch to him about where I currently am in my research, and where I am going.

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