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Meeting with Prag 9 Dec 2009

December 10th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Had a brief meeting with Prag Sharma, who described to me the sort of things that the clique group were doing.

I explained to him that I was interested in ways of analysing social networks in terms of movement patterns. He mentioned a few datasets that clique has some access to: Conrad and Fergul have access handset data from 6 million Nodes from a telephone network – IDIRO, but he did not know what the data included. Another dataset was NORON data, which is to do with financial fraud and included banking transaction data.

He suggested that a good person to talk to was Derek Green, who he thought was doing  similar work.

We saw Derek in is cube, and it seems he is looking more at social clustering, but we thought there might be some interesting overlap, so I will send him my position paper, and he will send me his recent presentation.

Prag suggested I check out the clique website.

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