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Weird Simulator Bug… :(

October 26th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Anyway the problem is a strange one. I have specified a dataset (based on the Studivz German university social network) – I have selected a time period in the dataset config, and I have called this dataset stidivz-3month-5_2 which refers to the period of the dataset I’m interest in (a 3 month chunk), and the group of nodes out of the whole lot (the dataset is huge – 28k nodes), the simulator doesn’t cope well, so I picked 5 seed nodes, and discovered the network 2 hops deep, and used all of those nodes as the set of nodes to use. In the config I have done this by specifying the nodes explicitly in the node-list property:
<property name=”node-list” value=”5967,2117,780,1828,2274, …. ” />

The problems happens with community ranking, when the simulator runs the HuiRanking over the set of nodes in a community, for this dataset only, it seems to include all of the nodes in the list (as with global.dat), rather than just the nodes for that community.

However, the community file it uses lists the correct nodes (i.e. different (numbers of) nodes in each community).

However, the weirdest thing is that it ONLY does it for this particular dataset, not for any others (e.g MIT, Enron, Social-Sensing, InfoCom etc.). None of the source code has changed, just the config files, but I can’t work out what has gone wrong.
I added some debugging code to /LocationSim/src/ie/ucd/argfrot/simulate/bubblerap/LocalHuiResultTask.java which prints out the size of the Simulation context variable (as passed to LocalHuiResultTask), and for this particular dataset, it confirms that it contains all of the nodes  (specified in the config). It appears that instead of the Simulation object having only the nodes for that community, it is including all of the nodes by mistake.

What I don’t understand is why it works for other datasets (with a smaller number of nodes) but for this particular dataset, is does not… I can only think that it’s something to do with my configuration. The config files I have tested with are:
xml/UNIFIED_EXTENDED/InfoMap-make-communities.xml (which uses xml/UNIFIED_EXTENDED/datasets/All-Datasets.xml)
xml/UNIFIED_EXTENDED/InfoMap-centrality.xml (which uses xml/UNIFIED_EXTENDED/datasets/All-Datasets.xml and xml/UNIFIED_EXTENDED/datasets/All-Communities.xml)

commands I was running

java -jar dtnsim.jar xml/UNIFIED_EXTENDED/InfoMap-make-communities.xml 1 DATASETS=studivz-3month-5_2 PARAM_SET=default EXPERIMENT_GROUP=BUGFINDING
followed by
java -jar dtnsim.jar xml/UNIFIED_EXTENDED/InfoMap-centrality.xml 1 DATASETS=studivz-3month-5_2 PARAM_SET=default EXPERIMENT_GROUP=BUGFINDING

generates a community file in

(e.g. file is named: edge_list.dat.communities.dat)

My next thought is to try to see if there is an issue with carriage returns in the communites.dat files since I moved it to the new SVN – but this seems unlikely…


Fixed… a very simple ommision in the config files for community dataset loading:

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