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Next plan is to:

  • do a thorough search for paper targets
  • use a section of the dateset (1 to 3 months)
  • incorporate moses and see what happens
  • train the CFA on the first month
  • run algorithms on the last part
  • run multiple random sub-graphs and take the averages etc.


  • aim to have this done by november,
  • then get paper sorted ready for december
  • then work on next section involving Vector Clocks for estimating network properties used for routing
  • then finish the frikking thesis


Also – explore studivz dataset with KCLIQUE

  • use Mean, Median and 80th Percentile – finish KCLIQUE Studivz 4 2 0 0
  1. incorporate Moses algorithm
    • visualise?
    • check bubbleH moses studivz 4 2 0 0
  2. Pick a period of activity in the dataset
    • test runs
    • 1st Oct 2006 to 1st Feb 2007?
    • pick a new set of sub graphs based on this period?
  3. generate a graph based on the the first 1/3rd
  4. run the algorithm from start to finish (but start the flooding 1/3rd in
  5. run multiple times with different random node configs (e.g. 4,2,0,0 x 10) and get the average results of all
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