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pre-holiday update

Met with Pádraig to catch up with where we are an what to be getting on with. Talked about previous post.

Said that I am going though MIT-NOV and Cambridge, picking out a (range of?) best parameters for each CFA.

Need to pick best hierarchy based on outputs, we want to be able to compare flat structures to deep hierarchical structures, to see if  hierarchical clustering really does improve results. or is it just overlap?

We need to finish testing/exploring Enron and Padraig suggests we cluster the Studivz  and pick out a sub-tree to make a manageable number of nodes, and perhaps picking different sub-trees to make different datasets.

Plan would be to submit the enron analysis to one of the NIPS workshops (Christmas in Spain), to get some feedback, might give us a line on the thesis, and write up the thesis in the new year.

mentioned the ranking of community structures again

We will meet again when I get back to talk about it in more detail.

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