Rapidshare Link Tester (concept prototype)

This is an prototype which uses the rapidshare api to test the status of files. You can enter a single rapidshare link, or (and this is cool) a link to a page, that contains links (it will download the page from the server, and parse it for rapidshare links, then check their status), or if you want, you can just paste some stuff into the box at the bottom. (e.g. select a whole page, and paste it in, or, view a page source, copy it, and paste it in). Have fun, but if you want to use it in anger, it will need to be properly planned. :)

Enter Individual file link below

Or the URL of a page containing links - but don't use a link to a private page

example link http://groups.google.com/group/alt.music.mp3/browse_thread/thread/3c085d2212f3ad13/1548507654b0dfaa?lnk=gst&q=rapidshare+mp3#1548507654b0dfaa

Or post a whole mish mash of stuff here (html page source, list of urls, copy paste anything you like really :))

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