Basadaeir: harvesting user profiles to bootstrap pervasive applications

Many applications require the provision of personal information before they can be used. We realised that this can be very frustrating for users, and set out to design a system to unite profile information from existing applications, and provide a straightforward means of making it accessible to others. The result is Basadaeir.

With Basadaeir, users identify external sources of information about themselves using pointers. This includes their Facebook id, Flickr username, Twitter username, etc. Basadaeir resolves these to retrieve profile information using the appropriate service API. This provides applications with access to disparate data from a single source, and removes (or reduces) an application's need to obtain profile information directly from users. Users may also identify devices that can be used to identify them, such as their mobile phone's Bluetooth MAC address.

Basadaeir live site | Research Paper