Recent Projects

These are some prototype experimental projects I have been working on recently.

Recent Projects
Project Last update Screenshots Documentation
Tabonina Guesthouse Website June 2010
Nokia Sports Tracker PHP Class Apr 2010
Rapidshare Link Checker March 2010 Live Prototype
Dublin Aircoach Tracker 2009 Live Prototype
Basadaeir - harvesting user profiles for pervasive applications March 2009 Project Page
Research Paper
Hastings Old Town Carnival Week June 2008 Main Website
Sister Site
SensorMash 2007/08 Research Paper
Ubitracker 2007
CubeCam December 2007 Screenshot 1 2
Running Version
(requires JMF)
Sensor PSO November 2007 Screenshot 1 2
Running Version (.jar)
Research Paper (.bib)
MD5 Password Checker November 2007 Screenshot 1
Geocoding November 2007 Screenshot 1 2
myGRL March 2006 Screenshot 1 2 3 4 Dissertation
My Firefox Extensions May 2006 Screenshot 1 2
Website Portfolio May 2006 Old Town Photos
Photo Skills Site
Lovely Lakes
Mobile Blogger (.NET for WM2003) April 2006 n/a
Mobile Blog (by email) 2005 n/a
Java SMS Sender 2004 n/a

Projects Currently Underway
Project Last update Screenshots Documentation
Pervasive Computing, Social Networks and Delay Tolerant Networking

Other things that might be useful
Project Last update Notes Documentation
Scite CVS 1.74 - based on SciTE CVS snapshots which includes C++, Perl, PHP, Java and nncron APIs. Syntax highlighting for Perl, PHP and C++ differs from the original distribution and there are other cosmetic changes. Contributed by Serge Baranov. Jun 24 2007 18:54:04 I have put this here, as this is the best lightweight text editor I have found, and this particualar version works very well for me, but doesn't seem to have been updated recently, and might just disappear. from here