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December 4th, 2007 No comments

I’ve been busy with module stuff, and have been generally experimenting with construct and ubisense and the Ubitracker site the Tom and I created.

I created the backend system (Java/MySQL/PHP) and the management interface for the system (PHP/MySQL):

Which allows you to manage data about users, and also to send notifications to objects(tags) in the ubisense system, which is quite good fun!

We plan to link this interface with Construct and eventually run the live system directly using data from Construct.

Tom created the front end interface:

Which tracks the users in realtime (ish), we plan to make some sort of playback mechanism for data within the ubitracker system.

Also, I finished the Natural Comuting assignment, which was eventually entitled, Optimum Coverage of the Autonomous Sensor Swarm: Sensor PSO. This system was a simple implementation of Particle Swarm Optimisation to optimise the positioning of sensors. Details are on my projects page here

I’m now working on the idea of Categorizing sensors, and developing a mobile version of construct, I posted more details on this blog here.

I also had an idea about location sensing using derived information available to social networking sites, this started as more of a personal thing, but seems it might have some academic merit! But i’ll update about that when I’ve got something tangible to show!

Mobile Construct – General Project Spec

December 4th, 2007 No comments

The discussion I had with Aaron and Paddy involved the idea of categorizing sensors based on their abilities and functionality, with a view to creating a mobile version of construct. This led me to do some reading, and whilst I still have a pile of papers to read, I have come up with a project plan, with the view of getting something into the Ubicomp 2008 conference.

The attached file is the outline/draft of the project as I see it, and is what I intend to be getting on with!

Project Spec

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