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Meeting with Lorcan 22 Jan 2009

January 22nd, 2009 No comments

Met with Lorcan to talk about how i’m getting on with my PhD. I explained that I was a little unsure about the direction of my PhD.

I also told him about the papers I am writing – the first, a paper about Basadaeir for Pervasive LBR, deadline 27th Jan. I explained that the user study will be for developers to test out the API and comment on it, and the concept of the system.

The second paper, with ross is to do with pervasive advertising, and using Basadaeir as the context server for advertisments. Deadline 10th Feb.

Lorcan suggested that whilst it is a good idea to get something published about Basadaeir, I should not put too much effort into it, unless it will help my PhD out.

He suggested that I take a look at a few survery papers in my area, pick out the challenges, and write them down, then, from this list pick one or two, and write briefly how they might be solved, and come back to him.

Passed Paddy and Simon in corridor! 02 Dec 2008

December 2nd, 2008 No comments

Also, met Paddy and Simon in the corridor and asked them to take a look at my idea for my PhD Transfer Symposium Talk, they seemed to think it’s a workable idea, and I need to work it up into a presentation.

I mentioned that I would have liked to have read more around the subject, and I will do, but Paddy said that its more important that I show what I have read, for example, alot about context aware systems, that fits into this idea – as it is context-aware routing.

Also showed paddy my ideas for short term research projects, and he thinks the WaveLAN one might be interesting.

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Construct Seminar 02 Dec 2008

December 2nd, 2008 No comments

This mornning was the construct seminar in CASL, where bashed out some ideas about the future of construct:

The speakers were:

Graham Stevenson, Graham Williamson, Stephen Knox, Adrian Clear, Matt Stabeler (presentation), Suki, Donal Simmie, Erica (Juan Ye), Susan McKeever and Simon Dobson. Others present were Paddy Nixon, Ross Shannon, Wei Zhou, Lorcan Coyle among others….

We talked about a number of things, and whilst we didn’t have conclusions, we came up with some thing to think about:

  • Mobile / Lighweight
  • Multiple Distribution protocols / modules
  • Multiple inferencing modules
  • Justification for te RDF models we use
  • Construct Need and end goal
  • It needs an Application Showcase to show off to potential users / developers

Meeting with Fred Clarke and John Curran 26th November 2008

November 26th, 2008 No comments

Met with John Curran and Fred Clarke regarding using logs from the wireless access points

The data available for WaveLAN is building level DHCP leases, but not AP level information, this is available to us, as it is pretty much anonymous.

The data available from the Eduroam system is more detailed an includes authentication information, access point details etc. we would need to discuss how we would anonymise this data before we could use it.

Neil O’Reilly would be able to give use a sample of the logs for the wavelan network, so we could see what information is available,

We need to send a doc to give the following:

who has access
how long we will keep it
how we would dispose of the data
e.g. assume this is personal data, how will we deal with it?

Datasets Paper meeting

October 22nd, 2008 No comments

Met with Lorcan, Steve Knox, Erica and Susan about the datasets paper.

Discussed practicalities of recording and annotating data, especially the video – we decided that it would be worth having a camera on each participants desk, to aid later annotation.

Lorcan stressed that it would be us (not him) that will be annotating the data, and that in the placelab set this took 1.5 hours for every hour of data.

It is proposed that we will record data over at least a month, and will be recording ground truths with annotation of video, and by keeping a diary of actual activities.

The following sensors will be considered for recording:

  • Ubisense
  • Bluetooth Sightings
  • Video Streams of key places
  • Twitter
  • Google Calendar events
  • Facebook status
  • Weather sensors
  • Currency exchanges
  • IM Status
  • Pressure Pads
  • song lists
  • Keyboard activity
  • Mouse activity
  • flikr feeds
  • other reliable web sensor data

It was made clear that the administrators of this project (i.e. those present) should not be doing this if the results of this are not going to be of use to them in their research, and on this basis I should consider what my PhD is going to be.

My (unsaid) thoughts at this point were that I would like be involved, but I can’t see how it will benefit me, and perhaps I should help out with the writing of sensors etc.

There was some discussion of database storage, and Lorcan felt it would be simple to implement the ontologies in a database structure, I have some doubts over how simple it will be, but felt it would be a more robust mechanism than using construct as a datastore!

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