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Routing to the centre

February 2nd, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Further to the previous post, I have run some more simulations which include degree rank routing, where individuals are ranked in order based on their degree. I also updated LBR to allow for randomising rank scores, and ran this 25 times to get an idea about the ability for random ranking to deliver messages.

All routing methods shown for comparison.

All routing methods shown for comparison.

Interestingly,  routing based on degree only, gives a good delivery ratio. The average of the RANDOM runs performs slightly better than the more sophisticated LBR schemes, but not quite as good as LBR basic (which is the original ranking based solely on cell towers). This suggests to me that the mechanisms we are using to rank locations are not working, perhaps due to lack of rich enough data. It will be interesting to see how this dataset compares to other datasets.

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