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Ideas about Entites, Contacts and Places

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To define a format for storing data about interaction and movement of people, it might be useful to start with an abstract view of what the data means. This may help when making policies regarding how data is manipualted.

There are some decisions to make regarding how to decide on how to interpret different situations:


  1. We assume that an entity is defined soley by their mobile device.
  2. We assume that in most cases the entity carries that device with them.


  1. If two entities see each other (via bluetooth), we consider them to be able to communicate.
    • are there some time constraints?
  2. If only one entity can see another, this may still mean that there are able to communicate.
  3. If an entity sees an unknown device, does it still:
    • Attempt to communicate with it?
    • Consider in it’s degree calculations?
    • Share data about it?


  1. Entities calculate the meaningful places that they visit.
    • What algorithm do they use to calculate the place?
    • But when do they update this information?
  2. Do entities also track routes between places, and how do they calculate this
    • What are the characteristics of a route?
  3. Do entities conform to a shared view of places and location? or do they keep their own knowledge of places, and attempt to find overlaps with their peers?
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