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Meeting with Pádraig and Davide 30 Sep 2010

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Discussed what we should be getting on with:

I will spend some time organising the data from the Social Sensing Study (SSS) and planning an appropriate structure that can be used by any dataset. Around the idea of a table with contact information (e.g. node1 met note 2 at this time) which is assumed to mean that entitied could communicate at that time, and another table which is the place of individual entities over time (e.g. node1 was at location A from T to T’), the place is determined as some labelled k-clustering of raw readings.

There will be some policy decision that will have been made, which determines how data is extracted, these need to be recorded so we can discuss whether they are valid. Can entities communicate only when the raw readings show that they both detected each other, or is  one way detection sufficient. Or how do we detemine the best value of k for clustering.

I will also start to think about how to build a simple simulator that will allow us to test test cases (e.g. send a message at every timestep to every other node to test the limit of the network) for multiple routing algorithms (ideally simultaneously, e.g. BUBBLE and Grahams algorithm).

Also with the idea in mind that datasets, when conforming to this structure, can be tested without having to change code.  By the next meeting I will have come up with some ideas, defined some policies, and will also bring some example data along to inform our choices.

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