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Weekly update 10 Sep 2010

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Davide and I have been conducting a quick literature search for interesting papers relating to location in delay tolerant networking, and interesting goals to do with knowledge and prediction of location. The first round led us to four main areas of interest:

  • Reccommendation systems
  • Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks (obviously)
  • Peer-to-peer over proximity networks (e.g. bit torrent over DTN)
  • ????

I am in the process of reading a few papers of interest, and Davide is working away at finding other information out. We plan to meet this afternoon to discuss our progress.

I have also parsed and assimilated the GeoLife and Cabspotting datasets, and plan to do the same for the CenceMe dataset.  When we get the Social Sensing project dataset, I will do the same with that. I have tried to use a consistant format for the data, so that when it comes to it, it will be possible to analyse it all in the same way. The simple format is based on the concept that networks are formed of entities, which also have locations that they visit over time.

I had already written, and have since updated to reflect this format, a playback visualisation of entity movements. This is really just a way of seeing what the data looks like over time.

Funding update:

I have finally managed to sort out the details of my funding, and have calculated that I have enough funds to cover a stipend for the next 11 months (I have already paid half fees for this year):

€11,976.42 remaing IRCSET Scholarship fund

+ €2621.25 credit on UCD account – which will be transferred to my IRCSET fund by 18 September 2010

= €14,597.67 / €1333.50 = 10.94 installments.

However, the only problem is that I will not be paid this month, so I plan to ask payroll to produce an advance cheque for this month (fingers crossed).

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