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Meeting with DC 28 July 2010

Met with Davide to talk about where I currently am in my research.

I talked him through Ideas about Vector Clocks for Proximity and Location that I had recently transcribed into a document from my notebook, and we came up with some plans for the next few weeks whilst he is away, and agreed to meet when he is back at the end of August.

The following are some notes we made whilst discussing my idea:

Formal notation regarding node location overlaps.

Ovy < Owy  → message v,w

When the overlap of the set of locations that v visits in relations to y, is less than the set of locations that w visits in relations to y, then pass the message from v to w.

We discussed security withing DTNs and realised that neither of us has much knowledge of this, so Davide suggested I look up the work of Eiko Yoneki, who may have published in this area, as it is something we will have to consider.

We also discussed how to compare the graph generted from locations, and the graph genereted from proximity, and how we could combine them. Davide suggested looking at the work of Schlomo Havlin.

Finally we talked about where to go from here. I will look at some datasets, including CABSPOTTING, where there is fine grained location data, and try to test the hypothesis that I came up with. for example, look at the overlap of locations for individuals over certain timescales, and produce a probability distribution of overlap. Also, make a new graph whihc is formed by overlaps based on whether a node visits a location (with no ordering), and see whether this has any interesting properties. Overall, try to use the datasets to test out all of the hypothesis.

  • Look up the work of Eiko Yoneki
  • Look at the work of Schlomo Havlin.
  • Find datasets and form into graphs
  • Test all hypothesis questions
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