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Meeting with Paddy 8th July 2010

Talked about the project so far, I said that I had started a workthrough of people’s movement patterns, and had come up with many ideas around it, and said that what I would like to do is present what I had found so far, in terms of node statistics at any given point in time, and some interesting aspects that came out.

I also listed some of the questions I had thought about during this exercsise, as follows:

  • How do we collect data about mobility
  • How do we define what a location is
    • What types of location are there?
  • What is a node?
    • A user? A phone? A user carrying a phone?
    • A location? A series of locations
  • How are edges defined?
    • users who meet (at a location, or are proximate)
    • Locations that are connected when a user travels between them
  • What can nodes learn about the network?
    • VC of proximity times (windows)
    • VC of location visits
    • Knowledge of location probabilities
    • Computed routes between nodes based on co-locations
    • Expected next delivery times for messages (+/- error)
  • How can nodes communicate?
    • Ask for expected delivery time to X
    • Share knowledge of routes to X
    • Share location and proximity probabilities over time
    • Use Agent like behaviour to decide when to pass messages
    • Feedback mechanism to re-enforce routes
  • How do we deal with privacy? (not main focus)
    • Share fine-grained location information only with trusted peers
    • Encrypted payloads

We agreed that the most interesting part is the forward prediction of location, and Paddy said that if I can do all of this, then it will be my PhD. Paddy also said that I should spend some time understanding the realms of computational complexity, just so I can recognise it when I see it.

Also spoke about funding. Paddy is looking at finaces this week.

I asked about getting a new 2nd supervisor, and Paddy suggested I look for a new primary supervisor, someone who I could knock on the door and ask for help – as he is still a visiting supervisor, he will be here a bit, but not much. I said that I had spoken to Padraig Cunningham, and he suggested I speak to Paddy about path to finishing, and then come and see him. Paddy intimated that he would be a good supervisor, but that I would have to be very concise when discussing PhD stuff with him, as he won’t like waffle!

New tasks:

  • Plan a presentation to Paddy and Invite Davide along
  • Look up Computational Complexity
  • Look up Graeme Stevensons Paper on LOCATE

Existing Tasks:

Project specific tasks

  • Plan short experiment to collect ground truth location data
  • Prepare to show Paddy the finished vector clock implementation (workthrough), picking out interesting parts and identifying next steps
  • Summarise findings from vector clock implementation (workthrough)

Other tasks

  • Implement vector clocks in simulator, based on location
  • Read Knox’s thesis.
  • Read Barabasi’s book.
  • Generate a rough outline of chapters for my thesis, and identify the main areas for the background section
  • Write down ideas about how to define locations (draft)
  • Dig out reviews on DTN’s- especially about patterns and finding important nodes
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