Supervisor Meeting 17 July 2008

Met with paddy this morning to talk about where to go from here.

I’ve been reading around Context, Privacy, Infrastructure, Management etc. in relation to wearable computing. There are a number of texts that mention it, but nothing (so far) that has dealt with it directly.

Paddy suggested reading and using the idea from that you take the main assumptions about an area, list them out, then change one or two of them, and see what happens. (yet to read artical)

Also, paddy suggested to have a think about stream processing.

I should also look at the locations/conferences/groups that are doing these thing – i.e. find papers that are newer, and may not be highly cited.

Suggested conferences to look into:

MobHoc, MobiCom, Middleware, etc

Paddy also mentioned that reading can expand to fill all available time, so don’t let!

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