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Supervisor Meeting 27 June 2008

Paddy and I met to discuss the IRCSET Report and my research direction.

Regards the former, the document I wrote was fine, and Paddy will submit a supervisor report separately (as per the IRCSET guidelines).

Regards the latter, I said that I felt that although I had been reading around many areas, and was enthused by attending Pervasive 2008, I did not really have a particular topic that I was readings around. Paddy suggested that allthough I effectively have the freedom (within reason) to research what I wanted, he has some ideas that I could work on.

The topic he suggested was to investigate Wearable Computing/Technology, and to build up my knowledge on the subject by spending the following week doing a breadth-first search of the related literature. We suggested and we agreed that the emphasis could be on the infrastructure and management of wearable technologies within pervasive computing environments. Areas/Issues of interest (some added by me later) being:

power, communications, compliance, privacy, commonalities, categorisation, storage & reporting, processing capacity……

The 1 week project resulting in me finding 3-4 good papers in the field that Paddy and I could use to discuss further research.

Also discussed at the meeting, with Aaron was what to do with the Basadaeir system, we decided that we should meet together (Paddy, Aaron, Matt and Julie) to talk about  where this project could head.

We also briefly talked about Aaron’s Bluetooth idea of encoding communications into Bluetooth name strings, and decided to discuss that at a later date. Aaron will send me his thoughts to date on the project.

  1. July 2nd, 2008 at 14:58 | #1

    I am part way through the task of reading all of the papers I can lay my hands on that appear to be to do with wearable computing and management architectures, context management and communications. There is a lot to read, but I started out searching through the archive of IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers, which has given me a good start for finding papers. I have also read the background chapter of Lucy Dunnes PhD Thesis which has given me some good references. Google Scholar as always has given me some good links, and I’m now working my way through 2nd and third level references.

    I have stared to find references to articles I have allready read, which is comforting!

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