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Quick meeting with Paddy 6th May 2010

Met with paddy in his office and discussed updates so far.

Paddy wants to see something tangible by next week’s update – i.e. a worked example of how vector clocks will work in terms of location.

Also emphasised that I should not get sidetracked! (of course!)

Suggested storing temporal  information (parallel vector clocks?) – e.g. a from to, so that we can say things like does this time overlap this one, is it contained withing etc. etc.

Also thought about how to define location – the bounding of the location  gives an experimentation thing – change the grid size – whats the computation impact of the size of the grid – and what the relevance e.g. too big and it makes realistic.

Construct vector stamps – 5 separate path across these locations, two or three allow drop messages – run through and pick various vector clocks at various times, and show them. Then start generalising them.

From this we can draw general things about e.g.: decisions made, what information is stored, what we put in vector clocks, what operators we need.

Then run a simulation and see if generalisation works. Then we can see if some things fall down, and come back and change things.

Should stick with ideas about location, not proximity yet.

Using this it is then possible to write this concisely.


  • Generate a worked example/scenario
    • show examples of vector clocks at times
    • show the movements over time
  • Don’t get sidetracked!
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