Weekly Update 30 Apr 2010

Last week I set out the following plan for the week:

For the next week I plan to nail down how I can implement vector clocks for location and proximity, also think about what metrics we can derive from this. At the same time I plan to read through Knox’s thesis, and read Simons paper, and try to formalise my ideas about location.

Since then, I have read Simon’s paper, which provided a nice discussion about what needs to be thought about when we deal with location. I have made progress with the simulator software. I also wrote code to process all of the data I collected from N95s, so that each reading in the database has a location associated with it. The simulator will now be able to use this to drive the location aspects of nodes.

I had some thoughts about planning a chapter about deriving location from sensor readings (e.g. WiFi position, GPS Readings, Cell Tower Positioning and Triangulation) – e.g. how can we measure the accuracy of our posistion calculations, how accurate does a the position need to be, and how should we represent location.

I also started to read up on Graph Theory, but starting with Barabasi’s book ‘Linked’ , which gives a really interesting overview of Graph Theory and how to measure aspects of complex networks. This made me realise that I will also need a chapter about this subject, and so I plan to write a review of Graph Theory based roughly based on this book.

I have also been giving more thought regarding Vector Clocks and how to use them, but I have not implemented anything yet.

My plan for next week is:

  • to get a better understanding of Graph Theory by finishing the book.
  • Implement vector clock code in the simulator, based on proximity, and work towards a location based one.
  • Read Knox’s thesis.
  • Formalise my thoughts on how to use Vector Clocks of proximity and location, and what metrics can be derived from them
  • Generate a rough outline of chapters for my thesis, and identify the main areas for the background section
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