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Meeting with Paddy 9 March 2010

Met with Paddy to discuss funding and an idea of direction in PhD

Paddy said that if his EU grants get signed off, he will garauntee me another 1 year of funding from September, the only requirements will be a chunk of work which results in a ~30 page document – something to do with autonomous software patching.

Also spoke to him about the idea of Vector clocks and how we can use them for opportunisic networking – he wondered whether we could derive some utility for locations, perhaps based on duration spent at a location, number of nodes in that location etc. etc.

He said that perhaps a good paper would be on techniques for analysing locations for use with opportunistic networking.

Paddy said that he wants me to aim to submit to CfP on Social Based Routing in Mobile and Delay Tolerent Nets the deadline is in June, and split the time up until then into 6 week chunks, and for the first chunk, tell him what I will be doing – i.e. what problems I am solving, and for the whole time, what my goals are.

Also spoke about my idea for using the Dublin Bus network for research and profit – he mentioned a guy in trinity who has access to a load of transport data and also suggested I dig out an email address of someone important at Dublin bus, and send them a formal email about gettin information about the bus, and CC him (so it looks official).

He also mentioned the TextUS service based at DCU, (runs the Aircoach SMS payment service, and the SMS parking scheme) who we could collaborate with to provide a TFL type service for dublin.

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