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Discussion with Davide about plots etc 4th Feb 2010

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Three types of data analysis:

General Mobility Analysis

We calculate the distance between locations at the start of every time period, (e.g. 1 hour) and plot the number of time that particular distance is travelled (to some granularity) over some time period (1 week maybe)

Periodicity Hunting

We measure the time spent at a location, and count the number of times in a bounded time period (say a week), using the same timescale as above to bracket readings.

(people visit common locations frequenly, or the visit some locations for a long period of time. – also think about the case that lots of people visit a common location infrequently/frequently).

Statial Dependance of the Degree

We count the number of devices seen in a given time period (same as above – e.g. 1 hour) and the location

Buddy Discovery

We count the duration of the contacts between pairs (the user and the devices he can see) and also the location of the contacts, and try to see which devices are seen most often, and then try to see which devices are seen at multiple locations. (using the same time period as above – 1 hour slots over a week)

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