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Meeting with Davide 14 Dec 2009

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Had a meeting with Davide to discuss current research,

we talked about what I had discussed with Paddy, and Davide seemed to think this is effectively the same as the E-DTN position paper, and that we should pursue these ideas further.

We decided that in lieu of getting access to largert datasets, we should look at the ones we have allready.  I suggested that we use the Tom dataset that was collected over a week or so when Tom used the N95 I programmed – as a start this might help us to see what the data looks like. He suggested the following tasks:

  • Contact Eiko Yoneki to see if she has some datasets that we could use
    • UPDATE: She didn’t have any datasets and she is eager to get some herself…
  • Look at Grahams simulator, understand it, and extend it to include the ability for location data to be incorporated
  • Generate two graphs from the Tom data (which he called the TomStalker dataset):
    • Latitude vs Longitude vs Number devices seen (3d)
    • Frequency of device spotting vs time
  • Look into taking a statistics course at ucd, to learn the techniques of statisical analysis
  • Include him in correspondance about this
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