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Exhaustive Simulations

January 18th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I re-ran all of the simulations, as I found an odd quirk in the MIT-NOV dataset, where the Hui Centrality was not calculated correctly, and resulted in NaN being recorded for every node in every local community, which gave very odd results… this was down to a dataset error, which I have rectified, and in future cases when NaN is returned, it is replaced with a rank of 0.0. I think it was down to a divide by zero error in the Hui  Ranking code.

This results in less pronounced results for MIT-NOV than we previously looked at. Other results were note affected.

The only other notable quirk was that Moses did not identify communities for IncoCom-2005, IncoCom-2005 and MIT-ALL. The plots below show results for each Dataset.

Still working on getting a decent run out of Salathe-School, and Studivz.

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