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Meeting with Paddy 7th Dec 2009

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Had a meeting with Paddy (Audio here)


  • project/ experiment -find some location data extract and parse it,
    • Have to have a set of questions we are going to ask of the data
    • Looking for structures in the data – what are they?
  • extract soem temporal and strcutural patterns
  • Speak to prag (network clique) to find techniques on how to extract patterns from these networks.
  • Email Simon, Aaron and Adrian, to see if they know about, or have dealt with any large datasets which include accurate location information.
  • In 6 weeks present to a group of people about initial findings, and ideas for further research. but beforehand, keep in sync with Paddy, and make sure I don’t go off track. Keep a record in a wave about progress.
  • Also, investigate movement patterns.

Justifications for this:

Burst Situations – emergency situations – however movement patterns are different in this case.

Focus in on simple pragmatics – I want to be able to send free messages.

Pick social everyday applications that justify it – (parasitic networking?).

Need to focus on detailed stuff – get numbers,

Focus on movement patterns – what recurring patterns are in there – need to data mine it all.

How do we collect data, sufficiently large, and in constrained sets.

Padraig Cunningham group doing network analysis – We can use Paddy’s Social network to get help with things like statistics etc.

Extracitng movement patterns from everyday life – augemtnting with context information.

Set up experments

do blind first  – capture everything from individula, apply analysis just to movement informations plus simulation, then you take in to accoutn context information and see if it improves anything. Theres nothing to say that context is useful all the time. Perhaps we find it reduces the number of hops, this reduces failure rate.

Chapter 1 is the broad view – DTNs Human Movent – underlying model of data transmission. my hypothersis is that human moevemtn patterns will provide an underlying model for transmission of data on ad-hoc networks.

Next actions:

Think up and construct an experiment and do it – short term 3-4 week expt whewre we actually get somehting out of it – needs to be a small constrianed expriment, that takes into account movement and context.

Have to have a set of questions we are going to ask of the data:

Looking for structures in th data what are they?

couple of conversations: Prag Sharma – good talking point – i’ve got this data, I want to use thi

try to characterise the patterns – they might be structural patterns, or temporal –

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