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Skype Meeting with Paddy 6 Dec 2009

December 7th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Had a skype meeting with paddy, and spoke about what I was going to do regards PhD (2009-12-07-time-15_24_48-Skype Call With Paddy)

  • I need to: Persuade Paddy that Natural Dynamic Networks idea don’t already exist in the literature
  • Convince him that that eperiments that I might construct are actually interesting for some reason – i.e. what is the point
  • Really nice to have 1 paragrah story line that we both agree tomorrow that we only change if the experiments tell us so, not just because something else comes along.

Need to be able to say – here’s my definition, here’s what it means, here’s what im gonna experiment on in the next 3-4 months.

Task is to come up with bullet points:

  • here’s my definition of NDN
  • hows its different from the way others people view networks?
  • If this is true, then we can do the following … A, B, C
  • if this is tru, then the experiments we can do are …

Forms the starting points of tomorrows meeting, that, we believe the first statement – that nobody has done this before.

Paddy will try to find some literature to find a few rocks to throw at me! so we can defend it.

If we can defend that – we can really question – we conjecture that we might be able to do the following.

Get arguments prepared for:

If we can do opportunistic routing – what do we get out of it, why is it better than what we have at the moment?

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