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Meeting – Basadaeir paper for IJHCR

September 7th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Met with Graeme, Paddy and Simon regarding a request for a submission to the IJHCR journal – from the pervasive LBR – Basadaeir paper


We decided that even though its not directly related my research, it would be worth submitting, as we would all benefit from a journal publication, and this seems to be fairly low bar….

My job is to manage this project, and let paddy/simon/graeme know what they need to do – Paddy said he might even write something.

Graeme and I went through the basic structure of the project, and came up with some initial ideas.

The project will have to be re-worked quite substantially, and might need to be coded from scratch. I have some concerns about whether this is worth doing if it’s not going to be part of my research. Will discuss with Paddy tomorrow.

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