BSc Internet Computing (Hons)

Degree result: BSc First Class Honours

University of Hull, Scarborough Campus

Course Overview

Starting the course with a little knowledge of the technologies, processes and standards that I would need to learn was a welcome but daunting task, which involved for me a huge learning curve. I have developed a massive interest in the subject area and try to keep up to date with new technologies. As a student representative for my cohort I have developed people management skills as well as an ability to communicate with people on all levels.

I completed my course at the top of my class and have been awarded BSc first class honours degree for my efforts, along with the following awards, prizes and nominations

Prizes awarded:

Nominated for:

Dissertation Project

A large part of my final year was devoted to a dissertion project: An investigation into a geo-spatial pervasive information gathering engine.

The results of my degree programme from the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus at the Centre for Internet Computing are as follows:

Year 3

Year 3 BSc (hons) Degree Results
Module Result %
Individual Project 95
Internet Computing Developments 73
Computer Languages 79
E-Business 76
Advanced Web Design 71
Average 81.5 (1st)

Year 2

Year 2 BSc (hons) Degree Results
Module Result %
Software Engineering and Professionalism 69
Graphics 85
Networks and Communications 67
Advanced Internet Programming 74
Web Site Implementation and Management 71
Database and Information Systems 64
Average 71.7 (1st)

Year 1

Year 1 BSc (hons) Degree Results
Module Result %
Internet Computing Fundamentals 76
Creative Media Technology 87
Programming Fundamentals 66
Web Authoring, Interface Design and Usability 73
Object Oriented Programming and Design 79
Internet Architectures 86
Average 77.8 (1st)