Running Lightroom 4.4 in Ubuntu Linux 14.04 with VirtualBox – also opening a catalogue from network drive

Sep 18, 2014 by

I have well and truly moved over to Ubuntu, having spent the last year using it as my development environment for work and at home.

However, there are few trailing dependencies on Windows, the most annoying, is the lack of Linux support for my trusted Lightroom. There are a few alternatives for Ubunu such as DarkTable and Shotwell but only the former comes close, but it’s not enough.

So, I figured it’s going to be pretty tricky to get Ligthroom to run under Wine┬áso I have to think of something else. Well, I have a couple of Win7 licences, so I installed Windows in a virtual machine with VirtualBox (free), and installed Lightroom 4.4. I gave the VM a healthy amount of RAM and shared my Lightroom catalogue from my windows NTFS partition with the VM and went to open catalogue and boom – ‘CANNOT OPEN FROM NETWORK DRIVE’ etc. etc. etc.

So it seems that Lightroom doesn’t want to risk inconsistency by opening a network drive. Bummer. However, after a lot of googling I found the simple solutions using the subst command



Voila I can open it up.. but beware – this guy has some good reasons not to use subst

For the time being though, it works for me, and keeps the windows partition version up to date too.

Coming soon – lightroom catalogue backups using git annex and bup

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