Making hard decisions

Nov 7, 2013 by

I really enjoy working at Geneity. I have come to really like the people I work with and I get to work on some interesting challenges and use modern, open source tools for every aspect of my work.

However, an opportunity came up at the Freight Transport Association, and after success at the phone and face to face interview, I was offered the job. It took some serious deliberation over whether this would be the right job.

On the one hand it’s new territory for me, I’m not a .NET guy, and the thought of using Microsoft proprietary everything sends a cold shiver down my spine! However the promise of a new challenge and the broad scope of the position over time – effectively plugging a gap for a guy who left, who had a finger in every pie, means that there could be some interesting potential to make some waves in the company and it’s industry. The fact that I’ll be 20 mins from home, and without having to shell out for a monthly ticket to London, means that I will also get a chance to spend more time with my baby (due NYE 2013) and have some extra cash for decorating my new house (move in Dec 2013).

So after a very stressful period of decision making, I made the hard choice and went with the new experience. This seems to have become my mantra –

always go with the new, but make sure you turn it down at first but then change your mind…

So I will be starting my new job in December. You might have noticed that the three most stressful things in ones life are happening for me all in the same month! Bring on that stress – I must like it or something …

work to live, but work in something interesting

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