Glittering Dubai

Nov 23, 2012 by

We arrived into Dubai airport having spent only about 5 minutes researching the place! The hotel (the country club hotel) we booked in advance (no chance of getting budget accommodation in Dubai we thought!) — they were kind enough to pick us up at the airport (for a hefty fee) and we arrived without too much fuss, taking in the sight of the awesome looking buildings of Dubai on the way.

Despite being about four times the price, this hotel had very little on the place we stayed at in KL, but I guess it’s like comparing Dubai to London; the prices are about the same. However the hotel is nice, has a pool, four ‘bars’ including a ‘British’ bar which has special themed nights.

After checking in we went for a walk to explore the area around the hotel. Dubai is a huge place, the crappy map the hotel gave us was not drawn to scale and we walked for ages before finding anything resembling a village area. We ended up finding the Souk area (shopping!) on the west side of Dubai creek. We ate a cheap snack of chicken chouvary(? Kebab) for dinner before getting a taxi back to the hotel.

We had every intention of taking advantage of ‘ladies night’ in the English bar — free wine for ladies, but we needed sleep and crashed out for an early night!

Next day we visited the the tallest building in the world, whizzing up 124 floors to the viewing platform in about 30 seconds. Then we took in the sights of the Dubai Mall before visiting it’s famous aquarium. I think the Deep in hull is better 🙂

We spent more time just getting lost in Dubai mall, it’s huge, and full of very expensive shops — I bought a pairing trousers and a shirt 😉 boring eh! Laura bought a knitted shawl (it’s very cold in the Mall!)

After dark we watched the water show outside — there is a 5 minute show every half hour between 6 and 10 — short but impressive!

We flopped back to the hotel for a couple of immensely expensive drinks. We chose the English bar as it was friendly and welcoming.

Next day we headed for Jumeira beach, one of the few beaches not owned by a resort. The hotel provided a free shuttle bus.

The beach was busy but lovely. There seemed to be loads of Russians there for some reason. The entry cost was 5AED/pp and an extra 40AED for two loungers and an umbrella. There was nothing to see snorkelling but the water was clear and cool, on fact much cooler than Malaysia!! A bit of a shock!

After lunch we hired a taxi to take us past the Burj al Arab hotel the famous 5 star hotel (often said as 7 star in error). Then the taxi took us along the palm and we stopped at the magnificent Atlantis hotel for a photo before being dropped off at the mall of the emirates for a quick look around!

We hopped on the futuristic looking metro, the stations look like something out of Stargate, it’s awesome. We headed towards the hotel but decided to visited the Gold Souks on the east side of Dubai creek. We stopped for a bite to eat in a little cheap and cheerful cafe before heading back to the hotel.

After a 4:30 start we collected pastries from the hotel in lieu of a proper breakfast and headed (40AED taxi) to the airport for our 7am flight back to Sunny Dublin. We ordered a few too many mini bottles if wine do had to save them in our bags for later 😉

We arrived into Dublin and indeed it as sunny!! But at 8 degrees it was a shock to the system and we were very cold waiting for the air coach!!

We will be staying with various friends for the next few weeks whilst Laura graduates and I finally have my viva! Then it’s back to the UK for Christmas and job hunting!!!

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