17th – 20th Nov – Kuala Lumper

Nov 25, 2012 by

We arrived by bus which took a little over 4 hours, from the bus station we got a taxi to our hotel which turned out to be really nice for the price we paid and it was in a good location.
That afternoon we went in search for little India and China town. We came across a place we thought was little India but since found out little India had moved further out from the city! We found China town and wandered the market, we didn’t find any good bargains and soon found ourselves in a bar.
The next day we went to the bird park, which has very large bird cages that you walked through. After this we went to go to the orchid gardens but it started to rain, so we decided to head back to the hotel after refusing to pay for expensive taxi’s walking in the rain to find a cheaper one. The rain did stop so we ventured out again going to look at the Petronas towers, which we had seen the last time we were here. Then we found a bar recommended by the guide book called sky bar. It is in a hotel called traders hotel and it had really nice views of the city and the Petronas towers.
The last day we had planed to spend by the pool to relax and save some energy for Dubai, unfortunately it was raining when we woke and Matt’s ear wasn’t getting better, so we went in search for a clinic. Matt was given antibiotics and ear drops for an ear infection. It continued to rain so we stayed out to explore some more. We came across central market place, so we had to do a bit of shopping by this stage we were both suffering from colds and felt worn out so we returned the the hotel to relax a little before going in search for dinner. Then we had an early night in preparation of an early start in the morning, which started with a taxi ride to the airport followed by an 8 hour flight to our next stop and last stop Dubai.

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