Busy Kuala Lumpur

Nov 21, 2012 by

We arrived into KL by bus from Lamut (mainland port near Pankor). The Puduraya bus station was a little far from where we wanted to be, so after rejecting offers of ‘fixed price’ taxis from blue topped cars, we found a metered taxi, which cost half the price.

I had given in to Laura’s idea that we should book a hotel I advance as we might get a good deal, and we did. A little more expensive than the places we have been staying (£24/night ac kingsize), but worlds apart in quality, the Quality Hotel City Centre lives up to its name.

We checked in, and went up to the lovely room before heading straight out to explore the hotel and surrounding area. We ended up walking all the way to China town, buying nibbles along the way at the food stalls. Eventually we stopped for something to eat at a food court place, but coulnt finish our dinner due to too many snacks!! We headed back to the hotel, stopping for chocolate, beer and wine on the way back 🙂

Next morning we headed out to see some sights — Kuala Lumpur bird park, where we saw lots of pretty birds, KL City Centre and the Petronas towers, the KL tower (which we didn’t go up because it was too expensive! And we had been up before). That evening we took the advice of the guidebook, and hunted out the Traders Hotel, and went up to their Sky Bar which overlooks the main plaza and the Petronas towers. It is a very nice hotel and the bar has an amazing view!

Next morning we popped back to KLCC to visit the medical centre; I have been suffering with a recurring ear ache and finally decided to get it sorted out — anti-biotics and ear drops! But at a total of 62RM (~€12) it was way cheaper than Dublin.

After this we headed back into China town and found the central market before heading out for something to eat and a few beers (super expensive in most places!).

Next morning we got up early and hopped into a taxi for the airport. 1 hour and 80RM later we hopped out and made our way to Dubai!!

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