3rd – 6th Nov – Koh Lipe

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The speed boat took two hours from Koh Ngai so we arrived at Koh Lipe just after 1, as soon as we were off the boat we were directed to a cheap bungalow just set back from the beach, so we agreed to stay for a night but soon went looking to make sure we had the best for what we could afford and it appeared we did on this side of the Island. We found a good restaurant selling lovely BBQ fish on the beach followed by relaxing live music at the bar next door to the restaurant. That afternoon we had also booked for a dive the next day.
The dive started at 9.30 there were less people on this trip and the boat wasn’t as nice as the one in Lanta, we happened to be paired with a couple from Holland that were also on the dive trip in Lanta – it’s a small world! Our dive instructor was Tiego from France. We also met a lovely girl Dara from Guernsey who later told us about some lovely beach front bungalows on one of the other beaches, which we did move too! We had two dives and because the weather wasn’t great the visibility wasn’t as good as it could have been but we still had two great dives, seeing loads includes sea horses, trigger fish, jelly fish and loads of big moray eels. Matt got a bit too close to the trigger fish so it tried to nibble him, was funny!
That evening after another nice meal we went back to the bar to enjoy the live music and we met a couple who were on a long honeymoon, Demet from Turkey and John from Oz. We meet up with them the next day to book a snorkelling trip for the following day.
The day after diving we moved to sunrise beach to a lovely little bungalow a few feet away from the sea, we spend most of the day swimming and sunbathing – tans are coming along nicely! That evening we met Demet and John in the bar and the following day we spent with them on the snorkelling trip which left at 9.30 and return at 5, lunch was provided and we stopped at some great places visibility was great and we saw loads of fish and another sea horse! We stopped at a small Island where monkeys live and they came down to the beach they were very cute. That evening we had dinner with Demet and John and of course a few beers in the bar!
The following day it was time to move on by ferry to Langkawi.

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  1. Hi – sounds like you’re having a good time!

    Do you mind me asking where you stayed on Sunrise and how much you paid – I’ll be on Lipe in a week so looking for some accom recommendations. Cheers and happy travels


    • matt

      Hey Christian, we stayed at varin village resort, it was 500b/night for the front row 🙂