Lovely Ko Lipe

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Ko Lipe is a lovely little island next to two larger islands designated as national park. We hopped off the speedboat onto the main beach, and managed to find a nice cheap little bungalow (400b/fan) behind the main beach front. The drawback to the main beach is that there are lots of boats moored there, so despite the beautiful beach an inviting sea, its a bit too busy to have a relaxing swim.

We booked a couple of dives with Forra diving which took us up to the east of Lipe and dropped us in just off Ko ????. The second dive was to ‘stone henge’ a few rocks forming a kind of pinnacle.

Both dives were fun, the visibility as good, but the sky was overcast and very grey so there was not much light, so it was a bit dark at the bottom.

On the second dive, I accidentally encroached upon the nest of a massive trigger fish and got a sharp nip for my intrusion. I also antagonised a moray eel by poking a camera in its face, but thankfully it didn’t get me 🙂

We moved to the sunrise beach after two nights on the main (after here the iPhone App deleted the rest of this post!!! damn it).

We moved to the sunrise beach after two nights on the main beach. We moved into the bamboo huts on the Varin Village resort, and managed to get one on the front row (500b/night fan), directly on the beach. This meant we had the soothing sound of the waves crashing only a few meters from our heads, it also meant that the cool sea breeze kept the temperature down in our tiny little temporary home. Each bungalow was about the same, only a different paint job on the breeze-block toilet  units – alternating orange and green.

This beach still had plenty of boats moored on it, but most of them were up by the Sea Gypsy (Cheowlair?) village, and it felt much safer to swim in than the other beach, plus there was not smelly rubbish boat on this beach.

We met some interesting people on this Island – Marc and Djeoke, a couple from Holland both dived on the same trip and witnessed the attack of the killer trigger fish! Demmett and John were also an interesting couple who we shared a snorkel trip and a meal with 🙂

This is the last stop in Thailand for us, our visas have run out, so Malaysia comes next, we caught the Ferry (1000b/pp) to Pulao Langkawi for the 2 hour trip…

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