26th – 27th Oct – Phi Phi

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On the boat to Phi Phi we decided we wanted to stay on the quite side of the Island and with the help of one of the many touts on board we decided on Rantee bay, again the accommodation is more expensive than we would like but we were assured we were in one of the cheapest and nicest places and after a little research the following day in turned out we were and we also had a beach hut faces the sea (always a bonus).

We had arrived at our beach hut around lunch time via a free taxi boat from the pier, again turned out to be a good thing as we also found out that it can cost up to 800 baht for the taxi boat (which for the short trip is stupidly expensive!) for the first afternoon we relaxed on the beach, snorkelled and swam followed by a nice BBQ fish for dinner and a really amazing storm.

The next day we took a kayak out which was free from the guest house and explored the beaches close by, after that we hiked through the forest to the other side of the the Island via the most amazing view point. The hike was short but intense especially in the heat. We made it to the other side and found a nice place to eat and inquired about diving, the prices were ok but as it turned it was going to cost too much to get round on the taxi boat and neither of us were prepared to hike both ways again! Because of the expensive taxi boat we reluctantly hiked back, we really did earn our dinner that day! Plus I got bitten by a massive red ant, which actually hurt more than mozzie bite. We decided that evening as it was going to be expensive to stay on Phi Phi so we were going to move on the following day to Koh Lanta in search of some cheaper diving.

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  1. Carol

    Oh – what a lovely life!!!! Been watching your blogs – amazing! From cold and wet England…….Cx