14th, 15th Oct – Laos slow boat

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This morning we had to be ready to leave by 9, we had a nice breakfast at the guest house and were soon loaded onto the back of the truck heading for the boarder. We had to get a small boat across the Mekong river to get our visas, it didn’t take too long and before we knew it we were aboard another tuk tuk heading for the slow boat port. The slow boat takes you down the Mekong river to Luang Prabang. We boarded at 11 and it left at 12. The boat is long and thin and holds around 100 people seated, I’ve heard in high season a lot more people are put on! It was fairly comfortable and we filled the time by staring at the amazing views, eating, snoozing and reading. We arrive at our overnight stop in Pang Bek at around 5, we found a guest house and headed out for dinner. I decided on an Indian place as the people looked so nice and friendly, it looked family run and the children were cooking and serving the food, it was really nice apart from the amount of ants on the tables. After dinner we went to another place a few stops up which served amazing looking cakes and I couldn’t resist. That evening we had a early night ready for the next days slow boat ride.
The next morning we had a nice breakfast in our guest house I actually order an omelette, eating eggs is getting easier!! The guest house also made up a packed lunch for a small price as there’s little food served on the boat. We got to the boat for 8.30 but it didn’t leave until 9.30 when it was full. The trip took 7 hours, all in all it wasn’t too bad but I don’t think I would do it again, apart from the experience and beautiful scenery.

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