About me

Photograph of Matt Stabeler Photograph of Matt Stabeler

I graduated in summer 2006 with a first classs honours degree in Internet Computing from the Centre for Internet Computing, University of Hull, Scarborough Campus. Please see my BSc Information for details about my results and projects.

My PhD research is about Delay Tolerant Networking in Human Interaction Networks at University College Dublin (UCD), working under Prof. Padraig Cunningham, (previously Prof. Paddy Nixon and Prof. Simon Dobson). For details of my research please see my PhD Information and publications.

Computer Forensics

After graduating from the University of Hull, I started with Protiviti Ltd. as a Computer Forensics Consultant

This role involved evidence handling, examination and analysis of seized devices and media, and liason with clients from corporate and law enforcement sectors. Additionally, as part of a small team, this role required strong initiative and multi-disciplinary skills.

Protiviti Ltd. September 2006 to September 2007

Freelance Web Developer

In addition to my full time occupations, I also undertake freelance web development work, under the BigBadWeb brand. Originally I founded BigBadWeb, along with a fellow student, to meet the needs of students in Scarborough, where we deployed broadband services to a number of students households.

BigBadWeb 2006 to present

Previous Experiences

My previous experience spans a broad range of roles and positions, I worked for a number of years as an Operator for British Telecom before joining AXA PPP Healthcare as a Personal Advisor. I also worked in a warehouse, stationary shop and a designer jeans shop for a while after leaving school

After this, and during my time at university I undertook a number of part-time positions including numerous bar jobs, two weeks as the Hastings Old Town Festival Official Photographer, Poll Clerk and a mobile home valet.

Core Skills